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 Ignite Rugby Youth Leadership Program

Our Mission

The heart of our programs is to ignite confidence in young men and women by empowering them to discover and strengthen their unique talents and identities through the game of rugby and the love of Christ.

More than just a rugby team: In addition to competing in the Middle Tennessee Youth Rugby League, our program includes leadership development workshops designed to mold all of our participants into strong leaders.

Interested in leadership development and want to be part of the team, but don't want to play rugby? No problem! There is a role for everyone! If you want to learn about sport management and contribute to the team in other ways, you are still welcome to be part of Ignite Rugby!  

Ignite Rugby: Projects

Rugby Competition and Solidarity

Ignite Rugby has separate teams for high school girls and high school boys. Ignite Rugby Leaders learn how to play the exciting sport of rugby and compete in Middle Tennessee’s youth rugby conference. Rugby is more than just a sport, it is a world-wide family. One of the core values of rugby is solidarity: Unity among individuals with a common interest. Millions of people around the world play rugby and despite our many differences, one thing unites us: Our mutual love for the game. Through Ignite Rugby, our Ignite Rugby Leaders don’t just compete, they join the global rugby family and will make new friends from all over.

When and Where

We have two seasons:

Spring 15’s which lasts from February – May

Fall 7s which lasts from August – November

Our programs run Monday – Wednesday at Antioch Southeast Community Center from 3pm – 5pm

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Leadership Development

In addition to practicing and playing rugby, Ignite Rugby Leaders participate in leadership workshops where they learn important life skills such as problem solving, goal setting, creative thinking, time management, and communication skills. A unique bonus to our program is our summer leadership retreat.  All Ignite leaders get away for a one-week immersion trip outdoors.  Here the team bonds through faith discussions and activities, outdoor camping skills, geo location adventures, and strengths identification and reflection. Through participation in our programs, leaders ARE empowered to discover their own unique skills and talents, and develop a strong, positive self-image.

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Rugby Core Values

The global core values of rugby laid out by World Rugby are Passion, Discipline, Respect, Integrity, and Solidarity. Ignite Rugby Youth Leadership Program embraces these core values along with our own core values of Love and Faith. Through Ignite Rugby YLP, leaders will do more than just play rugby, they will learn the meaning and importance of these values and how to embody them in their daily lives.

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Faith and Reflection

IRYLP is a safe space where leaders engage in honest and healthy conversations around faith and the love of Jesus Christ. We do this through experiential learning (learning through experience), reflection, team building activities, and faith filled media that meets them where they are at digitally.  Ignite Rugby is a safe place where they are cared for and mentored by loving adults as well as respected by their peers on a regular basis.

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Contact Us!

If you would like to find out more about Ignite Rugby Youth Leadership Program please email Christina Gein at

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