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What We Believe

We believe that God has put A FIRE inside all young people.  And that fire burns hotter and more fierce within a team.  Within a community.  We believe that young men and women were meant to change the world.  They were meant to lead, to love, to cultivate, and to champion others.  And we believe that they still do this today.

  • We believe that ALL young men and women can learn, thrive and grow in communities of support and faith

  • We believe that all young men and women are in need of friendship, guidance, mentoring, and encouragement 

  • We believe that God wants to raise up a new generation of young men and women who walk with integrity in everything they do

  • We believe Jesus moves in young men and women and in places that are often overlooked by society (underserved cities, streets, and neighborhoods)

  • We believe that church does not just take place on Sunday’s and in between four walls and a roof

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The Birth of Fireside

Fireside was born out of conversations around the fire...around something deeper, mythic, and holy.  It was born from a place where relationship and the love of God took precedent over religion.  It was born from men encouraging each other (Ignite), rallying around each other (engage), connecting (show up), and going after the heart of God.   It was born to be different, to do sport "different," to do faith different.  We are not here to keep track of wins and losses. We are here to build up great leaders who will change the world for good, in the name of Jesus.

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What We Do

At Fireside we serve primarily through our Ignite Youth Leadership Programs. We also have a soon to be launched podcast, blog, and newsletter. Our two current programs reside in two different states, and we are growing! Click on the programs tab in the menu to learn more!
1. Santa Ana, CA: Ignite Youth Leadership Program

2. Nashville, TN: Ignite Rugby Youth Leadership Program


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Get to Know Us


Founder and CEO of Fireside Ministries


Ignite Rugby YLP Site Director - Nashville

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Ignite YLP Site Director - Santa Ana

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