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Anthony Cummings


I feel a deep call to bring hope.  To bring love.  To bring adventure and frontier back to the hearts of young people.  To give them a door to Christ.  To Abba the Father.  To the wildness of the Holy Spirit. To a love they have never before experienced.  And to do this in a non-conventional way.  Usually with a sports ball of some sort, a smile, a little childlike goofiness, and constant encouragement.

I am an outside the box thinker and innovator.  I have 20 plus years of experience creating and innovating new programs and in multiple arenas.  I’ve worked in commercial real estate, higher education, sports entertainment, and in the non-profit world in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.  This wide range of life experience gives me a unique perspective and way of moving.  It has allowed me to see, feel, and walk with people from all avenues of life.  Those who don’t have a faith.  Those who do.  Those who are searching for God and don’t know it.  Those who are searching for love but can’t seem to find it.  And what ties it all together is I have been in those exact places myself.  Lost, broken, crying out…does anyone see me?  Does anyone hear me?  Does anyone notice me? 

My hope for you is that as you've read through this site something inside you is connecting.  Something is saying "yes, I can relate."  Something is waking up and wanting more.  Something is telling you to join us.  If so, please reach out.  I am open for a cup of coffee, a conversation, or just kicking the ball around.        

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Show up - Engage - IGNITE!

Anthony Cummings: Team Members
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