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Javi Oliver


Javi has a deep love for God, youth and community!! He has an extensive background working with youth in Inglewood, Watt’s, and South and Central Los Angeles.  Most recently, Javi has worked with youth that have special needs and accommodations, supporting them both on school grounds as well as their home. He has a passion for giving back to communities and developing the next generation of leaders that will pour into the community as he has done for the past 10 years! In addition to his experience working with you and community development, Javi has played and coached soccer in various forms over the years and in different leagues and environments. Combining his passions for youth mentorship, community development, and soccer, Javi learned to see “Futbol” as more than just a sport and is excited to use it as a tool to engage youth.

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Javi Oliver: Team Members
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