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When was the last time we sat in wonder? Do you even remember what wonder feels like?

In the last two years, Satan, has had his way in the natural world. Covid, corrupt politicians who aren’t afraid to lie publicly (and on multiple occasions), censorship of free speech, and a media blitzkrieg of fear, fear, fear. Oh yeah, and the constant taxation of the American people and inflation so high that a simple vacation with your family is out of reach.

Jesus, come. You ARE bigger than this. Fall on us, Jesus.

So, what does wonder look like to you? What does it feel like? Allow me a moment of invitation.

Go back to your childhood for a moment. What was your favorite cartoon? What was your favorite childhood movie? Seriously, pause for a minute and reflect. What was your favorite childhood memory?

I am betting it had something to do with play, laughter, friendship, and WONDER.

Now take these memories…and apply them to a song. How do you feel when a song comes on the radio from your past and your response is, “this is my jam! Remember when we (insert age, memory, time period)?”

Do you know God wants us to wonder again? Do you know he’s constantly inviting us…YOU…into wonder with him? It’s true.

Isaiah 35:10 …everlasting JOY will crown their heads. GLADNESS and JOY will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away (emphasis mine).

Galatians 5:22 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: LOVE, JOY, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,...

Joy, love, gladness are all apart of wonder.

Another invitation.

Spend one day off social media. Don’t turn on the news. Don’t work. Only allow worship music (or the music of your heart) to play that day. And do something daring….take a walk some place quiet. Shut off the noise of the world. And when you do this, ask God, out loud, to come for your heart. Ask the father, to bring wonder back.

Wonder will return. I promise.

[Side note – be patient. Many times, we ask God a question and instantly want an answer. Wait on him as you do this, and you’ll be encouraged. Trust me.]

That smell of popcorn when you saw your first movie. The excitement of friendship from your childhood as you rode skateboards with your buddies down your street. Playing dolls with your best friend and the two of creating a world of make believe, friendship, and play. The first time you drove your parents’ car on your own and met up with friends. The freedom, the joy, the anticipation, the excitement. Or your first kiss. Your first time holding someone’s hand. The wonder of how that person felt about you. Your blood pumping, your heart racing, you’re feeling like you can do anything because one person, see’s your beauty, your courage, your heart…they see you.

That feeling…WONDER…is from God. Those feelings came from God. And that’s how our God, see’s us! Sees YOU!

This world currently offers up chaos. Everywhere you go messages to “hurry and go-go-go.” FOMO (fear of missing out). Do more, move faster, get ahead of the person next to you.

And BTW, how is all that working? Work three jobs just to be able to afford to buy a home (tell me again how evil isn’t running amuck!?).

Let’s try something different. Let’s ask God to help us wonder again. And in that ask, let’s also be intentional about shutting off the static, noise, the fog that can block it.

Lord, whomever reads this. Fall upon their hearts. As they read, fill them with WONDER again. Take us on an adventure of the heart. Help us be the "Goonies of Faith" (haha – see how I threw in an absolute classic of a movie from the 80’s!). Come and show us what it’s like to step out the door and go with Bilbo on an adventure! Help us to jump on a skateboard again, ride down a steep hill with the wind in our hair, adventure in our hearts, and a smile on our face.

Come after our hearts, Jesus. Bring us back to wonder.

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